Wednesday, April 14, 2010

T&P Blog

Welcome to the Theology & Peace blog. Contributors to this blog will be trusting, suspicious, full of hope, despairing, loving, forgiving, angry, frustrated, funny, prosaic, curious, cynical, compassionate, tough. I.E. fairly representatively human. What’s going to be different is a sustained sense that overall God is making human beings better! What other purpose could God possibly have? If God is either i) about punishing humans or ii) waiting for us to die so he can bring us to a better place, or iii) a combination of both, then God is so all-too-human as to be really a human construction. If on the other hand God is like Jesus and is concerned to shock this world into creational perfection through enduring love, well that’s much more worth the trouble. That God is so perfectly human! Mimetic anthropology, mirror neurons, nonviolence, peace, high culture, popular culture, mainline church, emerging church, online, offline, all these and more are in the toolkit of the writers. We’d love to have you with us. Peace!

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