Friday, April 26, 2013

Followup on Holy Week and Easter

I've posted several new entries on my blog since my last report on Easter so those of you using the Theology & Peace blog for notices have some catching up to do.

I added some more reflections on Christ's passions, tying it in with lynching (inspired by James Cone's book) with Postcards of the Cross. This will help prepare those going to the conference at Chapel Hill.

Beyond Oblivion also touches on Christ's Passion by commenting on the sufferings of the protagonist of the Gatekeepers Series by Anthony Horowitz, one of the more impressive YA fantasy sets.

Related to the Passion is my blogpost on the near-sacrifice of Isaac Abraham Out on Highway 61. As the title suggests, Bob Dylan joins the conversation along with Soren Kierkegaard and Wilfred Owen.

Rising to the Life of Christ offers another Easter meditation, imagining the risen life in the nonviolent God.

My article How Are We Saved? points the way toward an Atonement theology based on the risen life of Christ rather than the death of Christ, which tends to steer one to a punitive atonement.

You can also go to the full blog page of Imaginary Visions of True Peace to read through these entries.

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