Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ascension through Pentecost to the Trinity

I have now come to the end of blogging for the extraordinary times of year until next Advent.

For the Ascension, a tough feast to understand but a joyous one, See Jesus' Escape to the Kingdom where I speculate on why Jesus was ready to make a getaway.

For Pentecost, celebrate The Holy Spirit's Fiery Desire

Then there's the Trinity. I suppose one could try to do the math. My suggestion along those lines is to think of the Trinity as an infinite number set comprised of three infinite number sets. Don't think that would work in the pulpit? Try telling the story of The Eternal Round Dance.

Going back a couple of weeks, I published the paper called Mimetic Hospitality that I read at the Hospitality Initiative in Oakland, MI on May 4. I used mimetic theory to suggest that there is a deeper problem behind our fear of the Other. Charles Mabee was the convener. Sandor Goodhart also spoke at the meeting.

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