Monday, June 10, 2013

Racism & Contemplation

How do racism and contemplation mix? The answer is that they don't mix very well. Taking time to be with God in a contemplative way should open our hearts to all people of all races.

I have posted on my blog Imaginary Visions of True Peace my own comments on the 2013 Theology & Peace Conference in Recovering Racists

An earlier post called Will and Desire offers a contemplative thought.

Another blog post called Unwinding the Judgment of Solomon comments on the first two novels in a series in progress of great significance for mimetic theory as the author Neal Shusterman paints a harrowing dystopia of a severely sacrificial society, a future American we pray will not happen.

Back to contemplation: starting today, the abbey has now made available an e-book version of "The Indwelling God,"an introduction to contemplative prayer. I have distributed some hard copies of this pamphlet but those of you who prefer an electronic version can get it in that form for $1.00. Coupled with this essay is the article "Resting in God's Desire" that makes a good companion piece as it brings in mimetic desire and how contemplation can help us live constructively with it. This e-book is available on the abbey's website. PayPal is accepted.

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