Saturday, November 16, 2013

Baptism and Resurrected Life

Since my last post on this blog, I have added several more items to my blog. Since resentment is a big problem for all of us, I have posted two articles on the subject: Resentment: the Glue that Keeps us Stuck Together  and Renouncing Resentment.

On a more positive note is Mimetic Laughter which looks at an aspect of positive mimesis which is often overlooked.

Caring for the Dead has some thoughts for All Souls day and how we can continue to relate to the departed in positive and healthful ways. Related to this is Jesus Explodes with Life: His Reply to the Sadducees which opens us up to the explosion of the resurrected life.

The Secret Zoo is a charming but also spiritually challenging set of five novels for young readers as well as older ones that I comment on briefly in Uncovering the Secrets of the Secret Zoo Anyone with children in their lives who might like to read about children riding a polar bear and a rhinoceros should get these books.

I have just completed a series on Baptism: Overwhelmed by Christ's Love This link takes you to the first article. You can navigate to the next two from that.

Or, you can go to the main page of the blog & read down.

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