Monday, April 7, 2014

Learning to Read, Learning to See, Learning to Bless

Here is an update of posts on my blog Imaginary Visions of True Peace:

Human Weakness the Cornerstone reflects on our attitudes towards the handicapped in light of mimetic theory.

The Servant of the Servants of God is my sermon for St. Gregory's day this year. It notes the fighting among the disciples.

There follows two posts on how not to read and how to read based on what we learn from Ren√© Girard and St. Ignatius: Quixotic Reading and Reading Ignatiusly. (Pardon my clumsy neologism)

Seeing with More than the Eyes is my sermon for Lent IV about the man born blind.

Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice has been on my mind lately and as I began to see it as a pretty complete illustration of Girard's thesis, I shared my thoughts in Proving Shylock Right---or Wrong.

Finally (for now) I have published two posts called "Mimetic Blessing through Abraham:" 1) Cain and Abel and 2) Abraham's Offspring.

Now for Passiontide and Easter!

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