Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holy Week with the Forgiving Victim

I have just completed my blog posts with Girardian reflections for Holy Week. Some of what I say is pretty basic for those well into Mimetic Theory but I am trying to introduce this way of thinking to a broader public. You can help by liking my posts on the blog or Facebook or Tweeting them or just plain forwarding links with recommendations to whoever might be interested.

Crying out with Palm Branches in our Hands  for Palm Sunday

The First Supper  for Maundy Thursday. (a new, short & focused meditation based on a much longer-winded article of the same name posted on a website some years back.

What Humans Willed: the Passion Story  You can probably guess this is for Good Friday

A Risen Life Ful lof Forgiveness and Love  for Easter Vigil or Easter morning.

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