Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Several new posts have been added to my blog "Imaginary Visions of True Peace."

I'll begin with a new story called The Gray Plague. I wrote the first version of this many years ago, before I knew about René Girard & mimetic theory. After getting involved with this anthropology and looking over the fiction I had done up to that point, this story stood out. After all, most of you know that Girard takes the image of the plague as a stand in for a societal mimetic crisis. It has taken me a lot of years to get it in a form that satisfies me.I have made "Girardian" aspects more pronounced so that this story is kind of a long parable of Girardian themes. Since literature serves to educate us in this anthropology, creating fiction, including fantasy fiction, should educate us further. I will be interested in feedback on this story.

Although I didn't preach the Sunday before last, I got an idea for commenting on the Gospel & then Fr. Aelred, prior here at St. Gregory's Abbey, made some insightful remarks I wanted to pass on which you can read about in The Prophet Between the Fox and the Hen.

In preparing for a quiet day I will be giving at a Pennsylvania parish this Saturday, I took material on mimetic theory from earlier blogs but wanted to do a presentation on worship from this perspective with the result being Gathering to Give Life to Victims.

Finally--for now!--some thoughts on this Sunday's Gospel with the title I prefer for it: The Prodigal Father and His Sons
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